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Model: 197745
Best in class shock absorption and life performance. The first and unique bow fender for 90o bow shape. Flexible integral skin foam technology. Exceptional boat protection and durability, cannot deflate. Designed to stay fixed in place. One through hole with nylon fiber reinforced bus..
Ex Tax:114.05€
Model: 472461
PVM1 is the first and unique universal bow solid fender, which is manufactured from Flexible Integral PU Skin Foam technology. It is a fender that cannot deflate. It has the best shock absorption and lifetime performance in class, providing exception..
Ex Tax:112.84€
Model: 99624
99625Bow stop molded rubber, 76(W)x95(D)x79(H)mm99624                                Bow stop molded rubber, 64(W)x89(D)x51(H)mm..
Ex Tax:5.14€
Model: 57353
BUOYANCY BAG WITH VALVE FOR Optimist  PVC, max. air pressure 0.5PSI, Dimensions:41x100cm, grey..
Ex Tax:19.07€
Model: 197755
Cross-Tree Spreader Boots.The first and unique flexible cross-tree cover to fit all cross trees from 100 mm to 360 mm circumference. Provides ideal protection for all sails. Flexible integral skin foam technology. Easy to fit with a 3m length polyester line included. Code ..
Ex Tax:22.43€
Model: 737
DOCK FENDERS – BUMPERThe dock fenders are made of rotomolded P.V.C. with reinforced and closed holes. Manufactured for being resistant to extreme sea conditions, high abrasion and sun resistance. The dock fender is an important “bumper” that can be mounted to provide added protection to bo..
Ex Tax:74.17€
Model: 72266
CH Series of Centre Hole Fenders distinguishes for its multiple use since these fenders are designed for horizontal and vertical application to any small to medium sized boat.The CH Series, introduced by OCEAN, is the point when simplicity and elegance become one, with the high g..
Ex Tax:8.38€
Model: 49352
OCEAN Fender & Buoy covers for extra protection.All OCEAN fender covers are manufactured in-house using the latest technology knitting machines. Our fender covers are handcrafted with 100% Polar fleece material for high durability and performance. Resistant to sunlight, ..
Ex Tax:16.05€
Model: 57327
The Easystore Plus Mega Yacht Inflatable fenders are made of reinforced, abrasion resistant PVC material. They are light, simple to use and when deflated can be stowed in small lockers. They can be quickly inflated  by using any standard or electric pump and easily mounted using the rope su..
Ex Tax:39.25€
Model: 90812
Fender Line with prespliced loop, made of Polyester double braided in navy blue color.The easiest-to-handle line you can buy for your fenders.Available with diameter8mm, 10mm and 12mm with length 2-3 meters8mm rope diameter and 2 meters length 10mm rope diameter and 2 meters length12mm diameter..
Ex Tax:3.00€
Model: 197747
Type A clip-on boat fender is the first and unique solid fender, which clips on the guardrail, and is manufactured from Flexible Integral PU Skin Foam technology. It is a boat fender that cannot deflate. It offers the best shock absorption and lifetime per..
Ex Tax:75.16€
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