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Model: 99688
“24 hours” vent is completely automatic as it works with solar energy in sunny days and batteries, during night time. Forced ventilation is controlled through a dynamic impeller which turns clockwise to inflow and counter clockwise to exhaust air. The user adjusts the vent on the corresponding funct..
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Model: 954
Neutral buoyancy ball insures ball won’t fl oat up and break seal. Meets all ABYC standards. New easy twist-off design makes cleaning debris a snap. Simply twist, clean out. Stainless steel security pin provided for added safety. 70% more drainage than competitive models. Stainless steel lock screw f..
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Model: 70158
Cabin vents offer natural ventilation indoors and prevent water leaks from waves and rain. They open and close manually. When open, air is circulated and water stays out of your boat. Cabin vents are made of plastic. The vent 98621 is equipped with Inox plated cover.ImpermeabilityWater pushes the sp..
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Model: 952
INOX VENTSuitable for the engine compartments..
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Model: 3338
Suitable for indoor ventilation...
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Model: 4500
CODETITLEDIAMETERHEIGHT04500-1Without battery and switch76mm80mm04500-2With rechargeable battery and switch76mm80mmMade of plastic , connection 76,2 mm (3”), 138 lt (700 cu ft) volume of air. Two functions, intake and exhaust. No wiring required. The model with the rechargeable battery can run..
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Model: 98680
Solar vents provide mechanical ventilation utilizing the solar energy. The solar panel activates the fan which allows the air to flow in. These autonomous vents detect water flows from waves and rain, while refreshing the atmosphere even on those calm windless days. Special balls inside the vents ar..
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