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Model: 4052
The Italian company’s ATI water heaters for nautical use are known for their efficiency, high rate of reliability and greatdurability.Heat insulation by means of closed cell expanded polyurethane foam (HFC, CFC, HCFC and HFA free).Electrical heating elements available in Incaloy at 500, 80..
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Model: 2301
SHOWER SUMP SYSTEM Suitable for boats having a shower, sink or tub and for collecting the waste water from parts of the siphon board. Easily cleaned by removing the protective cap.Dimensions: 210 x 285 x 140mmOut: 50λίτρα/λεπτόVolt: 12VConnection: 19-38mm..
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Model: 3293
Convenient plastic-mesh bag made for the hose of the below-deck shower thus avoiding the hose to get entangled in the other equipment and making it impossible to extract the shower. Easy to fasten and adapt to all situations. Sturdy and cheap..
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BOX WITH SHOWER / MIXER AND COVER 129mm * 134mm H:115mm
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Model: 1006
For hot and cold water. Includes shower with hose 2,5 m (code 00956-2) and mixer with connections 12,7 mm...
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Model: 35791
Having easy installation, the round case features also a lid and it is available in white colour.Case for Shower Head, Round, w/Lid, Ø66mm, White..
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Model: 37214
Case for Shower Head, Square, w/Lid, 125x97mm, WhiteHaving easy installation, the square case features also a lid and it is available in white colour.CodeTitleColourABCDE37214Case for Shower Head, Square, w/Lid, 125x97mm, WhiteWhite125mm87mm30mm97mm90mm..
Ex Tax:9.19€
Model: 44301
Designed and produced in Italy, our high quality Cases for Shower is an absolutely practical solution for your boat. They are made of PA material. Nuova Rade Cases for Shower are produced to have easy installation, and they are available in white colour. CODE TITLE CO..
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Model: 196391
It is suitable for mixer tap and includes a gasket. Available in white and cream colour.CodeTitleColourABCDØE196391Case for Water Tap, w/Lid, Square 95x95mm, WhiteWhite Housing95 mm75 mm9 mm55 mm75 mm196395Case for Water Tap, w/Lid, Square 95x95mm, CreamCream95 mm75 mm9 mm55 mm75 mm196391 WHITE19639..
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Model: 54601
CODE TITLE USE DESCRIPTION COLOR 54601 Case w/Wh.Shower, Cold Wat.Tap, 3m Hose, w/Lid, White Cold Water White deck shower + 3m hose / Cold water tap + «T» connector. White Housing ..
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Model: 42575
CODE TITLE COLOR 42575 Case for Shower Head, Round, w/Lid, White White 46170 Case for Shower Head, Round, w/Lid, Chrome Chrome..
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Model: 196399
CODE TITLE COLOR A B C D ΦΕ 196399 Case for Shower Head, Square, w/Lid, 95x95mm, White White 95 mm 75 mm 9 mm 75 mm 75 mm ..
Ex Tax:11.16€
Model: 196420
CODE TITLE COLOR A B C D G H I L M 196420 Case for Shower, w/Lid, 145x191mm, White White 145mm 191mm 105mm ..
Ex Tax:10.22€
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