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Model: 71156
The Ritchie Voyager B-81 Bracket Mount Compass is a CombiDial compass that is designed for any boat and has a moveable sun shield. It's scientifically matched sapphire jewel and hardened steel pivot dial make the movement very smooth.Features:3" CombiDamp dialCompass adjustable and removab..
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Model: 31240
Ritchie accuracy and mounting versatility are the perfect combination with Explorer Bracket Mount Compasses.Specifications Boat Style/Size Power/Up to 24ft (7.32m)Dial Size/Design 2 3/4” (6.99cm)/Direct ReadNight Lighting 12V GreenCompensators Built-inApprox. Shipping Wt. 1 lb. (454g)..
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Model: 31250
The Explorer Surface Mount compasses combine size and accuracy with a push button system for easy-on mounting, easy-off storage and security.[ Specifications ]Boat Style/Size Power/Up to 24ft (7.32m)Dial Size/Design 2 3/4” (6.99cm)/Direct ReadNight Lighting 12V GreenCompensators Built-inWarranty 5-Y..
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Model: 31362
“Just another small wonder for your sailboat. Designed and constructed especially for sailboats up to 7m.SpecificationsBoat Style / Size Sail / Up to 24 Feet (7.32m)Dial Size / Design 2 3/4” (6.99cm) / Direct ReadNight Lighting 12VCompensators Built-inMounting Hole 3” (7,62cm)Warranty 5-YearApprox. ..
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Model: 3280
Accurate, absolutely reliable and durable, with a wide range in types, colors and designs. They carry the reliability of RIVIERA brand, highly specialised in developing compasses, giving you therefore a guarantee for your right orientation on your trips.•BC COMPASSESSuitable for small motorboat..
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Model: 4325-1
Front reading with graduated card 50 with bracket mount. Zero-Spin technology. With UV protection. Standard 12V lighting.φ114mm..
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Model: 31200
“Mount it on your deck. Mount it on your windshield. Mount it on your dash. Here’s a compass that’s just the right size for small boats or sport vehicles.SpecificationsBoat Style/Size Power/Up to 16 Feet (4.88m)Dial Size/Design 2” (5.08cm)/Direct ReadNight Lighting 12V GreenCompensators Built-inAppr..
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Model: 31359
It is the ideal compass for a refined and discreet look of the boat’s bulkhead. Its high quality manufacturing enables it to operate even if the boat has a 30o angle of heel.Specifications[ Specifications ]Boat Style / Size Power / Up to 16ft (4,88m)Dial Size 2” (5,08cm)Design Direct ReadNight Light..
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Model: 72269
Developed for and tested on offshore race boats the SuperSport Series compasses feature the PowerDamp Plus dial.  This dial technology features the PowerDamp dial skirt to prevent oscillation, larger Directive Force magnets for quick lock on and extra-large steel pivots and jewels for smooth fa..
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Compass Venture SR-2 Bulkhead Mount, Blue Dial - Black Case for sail boats 16 to 36ft Compass Venture SR-2 Bulkhead Mount, Blue Dial - Black Case for sail boats 16 to 36ft
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Model: 31199
“Designed for sailboats from 4.90 to 10.70 meters.Supplied with Clinometer (ΙNC- 45)SpecificationsBoat Style / Size Sail / 16 to 36 Feet (4.88m to10.68m)Dial size 3 3/4” (9.35cm)Design CombiDialNight Lighting 12V Green LEDMounting Hole 4 5/8” – 4 13/16” (118 -122mm)93mm CombiDial12/24 volt blue LED ..
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Model: 71207
- Easy to Read 2” Direct-Reading Dial compass, with neck lanyard- Hardened Steel Pivot and Sapphire Jewel Movement- Built-in Roller Diaphragm for Extended Temperature Operating Range- QuickSight V-Notch and Lubber Line for Easy Heading Alignment- Non-Electric Chem Sticks Provide 18 Hours of Night Li..
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