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Model: 71892
Suitable for:- All Hydrostatic Release Units- OCEANO Life Raft Capacities..
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Model: 71217
The set of internal and external life raft lights consists of a flashing external light and a steady internal light. The external light provides luminous intensity greater than 4.3cd for at least 12 hours, while the internal light provides sufficient luminous intensity for someone to read the surviv..
Ex Tax:11.94€
Model: 3564
Two-chamber liferafts of exceptional quality for use on commercial and fishing vessels engaged in international voyages. Available for 6 to 25 people in a rigid canister. Suitable dropped height from 18 to 30 meters. The equipment is stored in a vacuum bag to reduce volume and protect against w..
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Model: 70975
APPLICATION: The thermal blanket helps you keep the body’s temperature by protecting you from the sun rays and the very low temperatures. It is suitable to use in cases of accident, but also for protection against wind, rain or heat.INSTRUCTIONS: When you need to avoid hypothermia, use the thermal b..
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