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Model: 16185
- Internationally recognised daytime signal, used by boats when at anchor- Made of highly resistant plastic- Folds easily for storageImageCodeDescription16185Anchor Ball Ø300mm, Black39553Anchor Ball Ø350mm, Black..
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Model: 16206
This signal should be displayed on sailing boats, when travelling under power. Indicates use of mototr on a sailing boat. Folds flat...
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Model: 3520
RADAR REFLECTORSensible up to five nautical miles Ø 50 mm, H 62 cm..
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Model: 72075
Lightweight and compact design offers almost no wind resistance and will not interfere with sails.Eyes on both sides allow the unit to be secured snuggly to the shroud.Radar reflectors are useful to enhance your boat's signal on the area's radars. They reflect energy from the radars and thus enhance..
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Model: 35000
Made of light alloy. Provided with head plastic protection. Folding model for easy storage when not required. Single packing in a plastic bag. ImageCodeDescription35000Radar Reflector R.O.R.C. 18'', 340x340x470mm97638Radar Reflector Standard 12'' 215x215x300mm97639Radar Reflector R.O.R.C. 16'' ..
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Model: 70180
High performance microprismatic tapePermanently marked with shipswheel logo for immediate compliance identificationSingle layer construction for durability, abrasion resistance and flexibilityNo risk of water penetrationComplies with SOLAS and the IMO LSA CodeTested in accordance with IMO Resolution..
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Model: 70190
Retroreflective tape retail pack to SOLAS (L.S.A Code). Six 10cmx5cm self adhesive strips per pack. May be sewn...
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Model: 1697
SIGNAL MIRRORIn 6 languages.1. Assure that the mirror’s surface is clean and clear 2. Keep the mirror in front of your eyes and turn its refl ection to the closest object.3. Find the refl ection point through the middle hole in the center of the mirror. One red signal light will be appeared in this ..
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Model: 56570
Use InstructionsHold foresight in left hand with arm fully extendedHold the signaling mirror in right hand toward the sunlight, facing the back of the mirrorAlign the holes of the foresight and the mirror on the targetMove mirror until the reflection of the sun from the mirror can be seen on th..
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Model: 27177
One of the most reliable, effective signalling devices : features an aiming spot to assist you in flashing in the intended direction. Ø 86 mm...
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