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Model: 510
FIRST AID KITContent: Leukoplast, sterilized gauzes, hemostatic bandage, hemostatic elastic, bangages, triangular bandage, banf aids, threads, burnshield hydrogel blott, isothermal blanket, handkerchief dipped in alcohol, gloves of one use, scissors, plastic forceps, safety pins, first aid instructi..
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Model: 546
FIRST AID KITMultiple use for the boat, house, car etc.Contents:• Gauzes• Handkerchiefs• Gloves of one use• Mask• Cotton• Traumaplast• Handkerchief dipped in alcohol..
Ex Tax:5.52€
Model: 545
FIRST AID KITMultiple use for the boat, house, car etc.Contents: • Handkerchief dipped in hydrogen peroxide • Cotton • Traumaplast..
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Model: 71022
This first aid kit is a must-have on your boat in case of any unpleasant emergency. Should you require any help according to the given circumstances, there is a First Aid Instructions and Manual. Below you can view what is inside the first aid kit.- 1 Zinc Oxide Plaster, non-sterile, 1.25cm x 5m (CE..
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Model: 56880
The First Αid Κit (Non Solas) includes:- Anti-Angina Preparations- Anti-Emetics- Analgesics – Antipyretics- Analgesics – Anti-Inflammatory Preparation- Antiseptic Hydro Peroxide- Burn Preparation- Cannula for mouth to mouth Resuscitation- Adhesive elastic bandage- Sterile Gauze Compresses- Cotton- A..
Ex Tax:48.61€
Model: 509
First Aid Kit SOLAS 74Approved according to the greek regulations of the directive 92/29/E.U. approval no MMM/MSI 1423 BNTL/3/98Contents:Anti-Angina Preparations, Anti-Hemorrhagics Including Uterotonics, Anti-Acid Mucous Dressings, Anti-Emetics, Anti-Diarroeals, Analgesic-An..
Ex Tax:60.80€
Model: 508
FIRST AID KITMultiple use for the boat, house, car etc.Contents:• Cotton• Stick for bites• Gauzes (6 pcs)• Handkerchief dipped in alcohol (4 pcs)• Leucoplast (10pcs)• Gloves of one use• Mask• Handkerchiefs..
Ex Tax:26.04€
Model: 511
Includes:• analgetic-antifever tab• analgetic-anti infalammatory• antihemorrhagic tab• antidiarrheal tab• antiemetic tab• antiacid tab• antiseptic solution- mercurochrom 50 ml• antiseptic solution- oxygene 50 ml• antianginal tab• sterilized gauzes 15x15• sterilized tulle in oily substance for burns•..
Ex Tax:97.82€
Model: 71023
The Marine First Aid Kit Includes (SOLAS)- Anti-Angina Preparations- Anti-Hemorrhagic Preparations- Anti-Emetics- Anti-Diarrhoea Preparations- Analgesics – Antipyretics- Analgesics – Anti-inflammatory- Iodine- Antiseptic hydro peroxide- Burn preparations, 2 Burnshield hydro gel blots (CE)- Cannula f..
Ex Tax:105.00€
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