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Model: 718
CANOE PADDLESwith two plastic grips..
Ex Tax:16.40€
Model: 741
DISMOUNTABLE PADDLE FOR INFLATABLE BOATSThe pole is made of anodized aluminum and the paddle blade of reinforced polypropylene. Suitable for all inflatable boats..
Ex Tax:17.30€
Model: 50220
Ideal for life rafts, lifeboats or small tenders. It features an anodised aluminium pole and a palm grip made of PP to provide a comfortable handle. Available in Ø35mm, in two dimensions and in black colour. CODE TITLE LENGTH DIAMETER 50220..
Ex Tax:19.77€
Model: 50100
CODE TITLE 50100 Handle 30Ø 50110 Hook handle, diam. 35Mm 50908 Hook handle, diam. 25mm, black..
Ex Tax:1.34€
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