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Model: 523
ADAPTOR FOR PUMPSIt is combined with codes 2199-4 and 2981..
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Model: 90004
Ideal for all Ribs & Inflatable Boats, Dingy’s, Towable toys, Air beds etcMade from nylon reinforced Fibreglass,Features a double chamber system allowing for either high volume, low pressure (5 litre, 4.4 psi) or low volume, high pressure (1.6 Litre, 11.6 psi) airflow.Comes with a..
Ex Tax:68.00€
Model: 90017
ELECTRIC PUMP BST 12 HP• 12V• WITH PRESSURE ADJUSTMENT• UP TO 800 MBAR / 11.6 PSI• AIR SUPPLY UP TO 450LT / MINBravo Super Turbo BST 12 HP with Battery High Pressure 12V Inflator Pump. The Bravo Super Turbo BST 12 HP is a high quality pump from Italian company Bravo. Perfect for inflating RIBs ..
Ex Tax:245.00€
Model: 1145
DOUBLE ENERGY BRAVO HAND PUMPS Dimensions: 22 * ​​11 * 45cm Material: Polypropylene Capacity: 2 * 2000cc Type: Without Manometer..
Ex Tax:43.35€
Model: 1149
DOUBLE ENERGY BRAVO HAND PUMPS Dimensions: 21 x 12 x 47 cm Capacity: 2x2500 cc Pressure: 0.6 bar (8.7 psi) Material: ABS Type: With pressure gauge..
Ex Tax:49.25€
Model: 1238
DOUBLE ACTION BRAVO HAND PUMPDimensions: 21 x 12 x 47 cm Capacity: 2x2500 cc Pressure: 0.6 bar (8.7 psi) Material: ABS Type: Without pressure gauge ..
Ex Tax:36.48€
Model: 10230
It is a place to inflate or deflate your boat, haircut, mattress and more. Depending on what you want to do, apply the tube to the appropriate socket (Inflate or Deflate) and raise and lower the handle. The main feature is the adjustable compression-decompression valve that allows you to inflate..
Ex Tax:17.68€
Model: 198136
• Lightweight & comfortable grip• Quiet operation• Suitable for inflatable boats, air mattresses, pool floats etc.• Ability of inflation & deflationInput: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz Or DC 12VOutput: 400lt/minMaximum pressure: 40mbar (0,55psi)Function: Inflate / Deflate..
Ex Tax:27.32€
Model: 1237
ELECTRIC PUMP1000 lt/min, 12V - 250 mbar. Capable of infl ating in a few minutes even the biggest infl atable boats.Weight 3,5 kg. Infl ates and defl ates.Boat Size mInflating Time min4,835,245,867,389,59..
Ex Tax:322.39€
Model: 1224
ELECTRIC PUMP450lt/min, 12V-300mbar.High speed and high pressure.If the case is removed it can be permanently installed on boat. It is accompanied with the nozzles coded 1224-1 .Adjustable pressure. Inflates and deflates.  Boat size m   Inflating time min   2,..
Ex Tax:217.43€
Model: 1155
120 lt/min, 12V, 1bar / 14,5PSI. Incorporates automatic pressure regulator suitable for inflatable boats. Capacity to inflate and deflate any inflatable equipment. Indicatively, it inflates an inflatable boat in about 10 minutes...
Ex Tax:168.99€
Model: 1150
ELECTRIC PUMP FOR HEAVY DUTY1500 lt/min, 230 V  - (120 V), 230 mbar..
Ex Tax:233.40€
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