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Model: 523
ADAPTOR FOR PUMPSIt is combined with codes 2199-4 and 2981..
Ex Tax:1.85€
Model: 1145
DOUBLE ENERGY BRAVO HAND PUMPS Dimensions: 22 * ​​11 * 45cm Material: Polypropylene Capacity: 2 * 2000cc Type: Without Manometer..
Ex Tax:15.30€
Model: 1149
DOUBLE ENERGY BRAVO HAND PUMPS Dimensions: 21 x 12 x 47 cm Capacity: 2x2500 cc Pressure: 0.6 bar (8.7 psi) Material: ABS Type: With pressure gauge..
Ex Tax:39.44€
Model: 1238
DOUBLE ACTION BRAVO HAND PUMPDimensions: 21 x 12 x 47 cm Capacity: 2x2500 cc Pressure: 0.6 bar (8.7 psi) Material: ABS Type: Without pressure gauge ..
Ex Tax:32.81€
Model: 1237
ELECTRIC PUMP1000 lt/min, 12V - 250 mbar. Capable of infl ating in a few minutes even the biggest infl atable boats.Weight 3,5 kg. Infl ates and defl ates.Boat Size mInflating Time min4,835,245,867,389,59..
Ex Tax:288.90€
Model: 1224
ELECTRIC PUMP450lt/min, 12V-300mbar.High speed and high pressure.If the case is removed it can be permanently installed on boat. It is accompanied with the nozzles coded 1224-1 .Adjustable pressure. Inflates and deflates.  Boat size m   Inflating time min   2,..
Ex Tax:199.99€
Model: 1155
120 lt/min, 12V, 1bar / 14,5PSI. Incorporates automatic pressure regulator suitable for inflatable boats. Capacity to inflate and deflate any inflatable equipment. Indicatively, it inflates an inflatable boat in about 10 minutes...
Ex Tax:107.00€
Model: 1150
ELECTRIC PUMP FOR HEAVY DUTY1500 lt/min, 230 V  - (120 V), 230 mbar..
Ex Tax:233.15€
Model: 1174
New portable, high efficiency and low noise electric pump. Two-way, without relays and switches. With a wide pressure range, selected from an easy-to-use indicator, with automatic shut-off. Easy connection with lighter. With LED indicators for diagnosis, built-in 12V DC battery, rechargeable via lig..
Ex Tax:264.00€
Model: 1181
Electric pump 230 / 120VDimensions: 150 x 160 x 170 mm Weight: 1.7kg Air flow: 1700 l / min Maximum Pressure: 250mbar / 3.6PSI Power supply: 1000W..
Ex Tax:129.95€
Model: 1184
Proffesional, with double chamber of low and high volume and 3 types of connecting nozzles - for big inflatables..
Ex Tax:31.63€
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