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Model: 99826
This support base allows you to mount the Store-All cases semi-permanently. All you have to do is to mount the support base on the surface you want and then slide the case in. When you do not want to use the case, just remove it. The support base will remain on the surface until the next time you ne..
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Model: 196414
The body is made of PA and the lid is made of ASA. With very easy installation and available in white colour.CodeTitleColourABCDGHILM196414Case for Deck Filler, w/Lid, 145x191mm, WhiteWhite145mm191mm110mm155mm80mm115mm155mm200mm165mm..
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Model: 647442
CodeTitleColourABCDGHI44302Case for Deck Filler, 145x191mm, WhiteWhite145mm191mm110mm155mm80mm115mm155mm647442Case for Deck Filler 145x191mm, CreamCream145mm191mm110mm155mm80mm115mm155mm..
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Model: 197762
CAN HOLDER is a unique and useful accessory, ideal for holding and keeping cool cans, small bottles, and glasses. It’s one-piece made and there is no need for extra parts. Its keep the temperature levels of the mounted object.It can also be used as an object holder for Mobile phones, eyeglasses, por..
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Model: 70986
- It is made of NET fabric and is supplied with lead rope- It is suitable for the door of the boat- Available in two different dimensions..
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Model: 94161
Nuova Rade high quality Drink holder 'Store-All' is ideal for storing your beverage when on board. 94161Drink Holder 'Store-All', 11x11x10cm - White 99232Drink Holder 'Store-All', 11x11x10cm - Graphite..
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Model: 4535
DRINK HOLDERSPolished Stainless Steel. Vertical mounting...
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Model: 10001
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Model: 10440
The ultimate dry bag for the protection of your handheld electronic equipment (GPS, VHF, mobile phone). Made of durable vinyl, it has clear front panel, which allows you to see displays and button logos and access most functions, without removing the bag. Furthermore, each dry bag has a lanyard loop..
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