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Model: 57762PLAST
High quality design incorporating precision bearings and aluminium cantilever arm.Sensitivity threshold is very low to ensure an optimum accuracy even in light winds. Balanced wind vane for increased accuracy and stability at heel. Sturdy construction and watertight connector..
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Model: 93.211
Bronze barometer -Instrument diameter 85mm -Accurate Measurements Ideal gift for all sea lovers...
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Model: 63756PLAST
Depth : 1.5 to 199 m* (5 to 652 ft) with keel offset.Depth trend indication.Deep and shallow alarms.Low battery alarm.Simulation mode.Complete with Airmar transducer..
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Model: 63757PLAST
Delivers all speed, distance, time and temperature data, together with countdown function.Water speed : 0-60 knots, 0-69 mph, 0-111 km/h.GPS speed if connected to compatible (NMEA0183) navigator.Total and trip log.Elapsed time and countdown race timer...
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Skywatch Xplorer 1 portable anemometer 38x88x10 mm Skywatch Xplorer 1 portable anemometer 38x88x10 mm
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Model: 29.801.10
The smallest anemometers available in the market, watertight, high pressure, easy to use, compact size, ideal for all outdoor sports that required wind speed indication; lithium battery, weight 30 g, size 38x88x10 mm, accuracy: ±3%. Features 1) instant wind speed in knots, km/h, mph, m/s  2) te..
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Model: 93.213
Thermometer - HygrometerBrass -Instrument diameter 85mm -Exact Indications Ideal gift for all sea lovers...
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Model: 57753PLAST
Wind system with a large analog display for precise and fine display of wind angle. The wind speed and other information are displayed on a large, backlift and anti-fogging LCD display...
Ex Tax:746.36€
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