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Model: 44264
Designed to prevent any uncomfortable motion when the boat is moored. It absorbs any shocks of the rope, eliminating unnecessary strains and preserving its lifetime. Can reduce any unnecessary noises created. Made of UV and sea water resistant EPDM rubber.CodeTitleDescriptionLengthWidthThickness4426..
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Model: 3345
Code For Rope For Boat 03345-1 6-12mm 4-5m 03345-2 14-16mm 10m 03345-3 20-22mm 15m..
Ex Tax:14.17€
Model: 370
Code Length Diameter Characteristics 00370-09 470 mm 9 mm For boats 12m/8000kgr 00370-11 470 mm 11 mm For boats 14-15m/13000kgr..
Ex Tax:53.50€
Model: 72698
Mooring Compensator is an unbreakable, durable and silent shore line damper. Reduces uncomfortable motions when the boat is moored.Highly efficient shock absorberEliminates unnecessary strainsReduces stress force applied on the rope, thus extending the ropes lifetimeCorrosion resistantNo unnece..
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Model: 3318
High quality mooring compensators are essential in line maintenance. They absorb tension and relieve lines and deck fittings from sudden tugs caused by wind or surf. Made of a high-quality EPDM rubber, providing excellent strength, weather and salt resistance...
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