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Model: 3142
With straight intake. Equipped with both straight and elbow 19mm (3/4″) detachable ports. Easy to install, maintain and to replace the cartridge...
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Model: 3295
DC 12V F3 size FIP pump with capacity 35 L/min (9,3 GMP). Used for pumping water, oils and chemicals.Pump body in brass, stainless steel shaft and PN 06-01-009 Nitrile impeller.Port connections 19mm (1/2″), self priming up to 3m vertical lift. Reversible flow direction, 8A fuse.Interchangeable with ..
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Model: 3138
Twin port cartridge aerator pump 12V with flowrate 32l/min (500GPH). The twin port makes it possible to use the same intake 19mm (3/4″) for both the live well and wash down pump.Equipped with both straight and elbow 19mm (3/4″) detachable ports. Amperage 1,8A, fuse size 5A...
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Model: 3152
Cartridge Aerator Pump - 500 GPS - 12V - AngledCartridge Aerator Pump 12V with flowrate 32l/min (500GPH) with angled intake.Equipped with both straight and elbow 19mm (3/4″) detachable ports. Amperage 1,8A, fuse size 5A.Easy to install, maintain and to replace the cartridge...
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Model: 1423
MANUAL WATERPUMPDiaphragm hand pump suitable for all boats. It can be used as primary or backup pump in case of powerloss. Plastic, Ø 25,4 mm Delivery: 45-94 lt/min.01423-SP1 MEMBRANE FOR MANUAL WATERPUMP for c.01423..
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Model: 2132
Diaphragm self-priming pump suitable for bilge, shower and sink drain, and for transferring fuel. 20 LPM open flow output.With stainless steel plates, plastic and nylon parts. Diaphragm is made of special rubber-coated fabric, resistant to any substances. Shock-resistant. Watertight. Complies with I..
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Model: 1421
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Jabsco Plain Shaft Pump flexible impeller Size 40 (3/4") - Model 52040-2001 40 LPM Jabsco Plain Shaft Pump flexible impeller Size 40 (3/4") - Model 52040-2001 40 LPM
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Model: 1406
Flexible impeller pumps are self-priming and, ideal for engine cooling, washdown, circulation and many general purposes onboard or dockside. The bronze bodies and stainless steel shafts are well suited for marine environments. They can operate in either rotational direction.FeaturesConstructed from ..
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Model: 3357
LIVEWELL / BAITWELL PUMP 600GHP VERTICALSpecifications:Suitable for marine, recreational vehicle, industrial areas.With compact, efficient and long life motorTemperature limits 110°F (43°C) Easy clean snap-lock strainer basesExtended long nozzle to accept 3 hose clamps90 degree threaded 3/..
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Model: 3719
BrandMaasMaterialPlasticPower sourceWiredAbout this itemThe Maas submersible pump 10 is well equipped, dry running for up to 2 hours, continuous operation, 10 liters flow rate are just a few benefits of this pump. Can be used in caravans and motorhomes, as a submersible pump for the water tank or as..
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Model: 1420
Reliable, easy to use foot pedal-operated freshwater pumpIdeal for use in small galleysVersatile pump has multi-directional inlet and outlet hose connections; can be installed in wide variety of spacesPowered by foot pedal with smooth double action; leaves user’s hands freeReliably self-primes and c..
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Model: 90018
Self-priming automatic electric pump with helical PTFE gears, integrated check valve and electronic control. Nickel-plated brass body and stainless steel shaft. Main applications: fresh water pressure systems and shower kits on boats, rubber dinghies, sailing boats and campers.Technical features:- M..
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