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Model: 4570
High Quality Italian Brushes made in evaporated beech wood, with universal adapter...
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Model: 70689
Use the 4-Level Flow-Thru Wash Brush to clean boats and trailers with ease. This heavy-duty brush features flagged, nylon bristles that gently remove dirt, grime and road film from your RV without scratching delicate painted surfaces or vinyl decals. Pair it with a flow-thru handle and you’ll have a..
Ex Tax:15.89€
Model: 50906
The Cleaning Kit consists of two brooms, with medium (50904) and hard hair (50905), a hook head and a pole.Medium and hard shipping brooms are used for soft or hard cleaning respectively and are made of hard plastic for high resistance to salt and sun.The hook is light, short, while it has a large..
Ex Tax:31.69€
Model: 50905
Hard broom is used to clean surfaces with persistent dirt.Includes hard hair which helps to clean dirty surfaces more easily and quickly.The broom includes a special thread on its head, so that it can easily fit perfectly into simple or telescopic poles (57340-2).It is also made with Flow Thru ..
Ex Tax:9.80€
Model: 50904
Its marine broom is ideal for wiping and cleaning surfaces where there is no persistent dirt. It is made of medium hard dense hairs, so that water is retained and a rich foam is formed.For your convenience and economy, the Lalizas vacuum cleaner has a special thread on its head to fit perfectly..
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Model: N-YC-1.0224.05850.00000
Super soft microfiber towels for polishing, waxing and cleaning of all surfaces. 280 g / m². Size: 40 x 40 cm. 5 pcs. / pack..
Ex Tax:11.41€
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