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Model: 3294
It consists of a polyethylene disk and a motor with a 12V pump, bracket, tube and two sprayers. Designed for the sea and for use in combination with windshield wipers...
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Model: 3179
SPARE SACHETAutoresolvable. Contains 450 gr. Of granulated absorbent. Environment-friendly and safe for the user. For dehumidifier code 3179...
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Model: 01-1
AUTODRY SHAMPOO PERLOBAN® developed to facilitate the maintenance of all boat surfaces. Its technology called Perloban®, releases the active ingredients facilitating the self-drying, in addition to the conventional classical washing characteristics. This solution deploys a water film unifo..
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Model: 02-750
Restores whiteness and revives the gelcoat very quicklyRemoves the yellow veil, and traces of corrosionRemoves algae, shells, all residues of pollutionRemoves all streaks of rustRecommended on stainless steel to eliminate the formation of corrosion..
Ex Tax:23.65€
Model: 03-750
Properties of Fender cleanerDeveloped to clean boat fenders and defenses, very easy application eliminates embedded dirt such as black marks, marine pollution, waste oils, etcΑDVANTAGES :S’applique facilement avec un vaporisateurSafe for surfaces:..
Ex Tax:23.90€
Model: 04-750
Properties of Mildew remover Nautic CleanVery effective to remove all stains of mildew on all types of materials.Removes instantly mildew stains by simple application.Prevents the development of mildew, bacteria.Its action is immediate on skai, vinyls, fabrics, textile seams...
Ex Tax:23.33€
Model: 06-1
New cleaning solution with ‘LOTUS’ effect for boatsAVANTAGES :Developed for frequent boat washings, Coatinium ® nano-wax shampoo does not alter the gelcoat, or paint; on the contrary, it protects and revives them. Another advantage, it helps to clean and protect all supports such as :stain..
Ex Tax:20.25€
Model: 07-750
Removes exhaust gas stains, grease Hydrocarbon, rubbing marks Pollution of algaeSpecially formulated for the thorough cleaning of pneumatic and semirigid boats.AVANTAGES :Emulsifies and removes dirt such as: dull film, grease, engine smoke stains, deposit of oxides, marine p..
Ex Tax:27.81€
Model: 08-1
Film-forming polymer protection specially designed to provide an anti-soiling treatment and a glossy finish to pneumatic and semi-rigid tyres. Owing to its film-forming polymers, it forms a protective film against salt, dirt, air pollution and UV rays.Facilitates cleaning, delays soiling. Allows mat..
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Model: 09-1
09 Professional Universal Cleaner Gelcoat, painting,Stainless steel, glass, wood vinyl, skaiAlkaline detergent specially formulated for boats, containing specific complexing agents and sequestrants to solubilize perfectly traces of sodium, calcium, fat, smoke deposits, atmos..
Ex Tax:21.00€
Model: 10-1
Properties of 10 Express waxExpress wax is a cleaning solution specifically developed for the express treatment of boat surfaces. Emulsion with high quality wax, Express wax revives quickly and without effort paints or other materials aboard all types of boats. Its concentration in pr..
Ex Tax:27.88€
Model: 14-500
Passivation & rust remover gel Stainless steel – Steel – AluminiumThe PASSIVATION & RUST REMOVER GEL is the perfect solution to eliminate corrosion, oxidation on surfaces such as:stainless – steel – alloys – aluminium – chrome.Acid base gel developed to remove rust, deoxi..
Ex Tax:25.88€
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