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Model: 3850
Rubber tape made especially to provide extra grip. Extremely resistant to UV lights and sea water. It can be removed easily without leaving any sticky residue...
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Model: 11848
Code 11849 : grey colorCode 11848 : Black colorNon-slip tape for outdoor and indoor use. High quality adhesive and stong durability, available in black or white color. Great resistance to moisture and water. Ideal for deck, stairs, bathrooms, corridors etc.Ideal for boating, home, work places, wareh..
Ex Tax:11.92€
Model: 3851
Multi purpose tape, suitable for temporary repairs. A high tensile cloth tape that will tear easily by hand and will bond readily to most surfaces yet removes cleanly. Color: Light Grey..
Ex Tax:10.99€
Model: 4909
Tear-Aid is a unique transparent repair patch for repairing tears and holes in practically all materials. Tear-Aid is extremely strong and very elastic. Tear-Aid is no temporarily solution, it is a permanent repair patch. Tear-Aid repairs: tent cover, canvas, rubber (infl atable-) boa..
Ex Tax:15.62€
Model: 11854
The thermal & sound insulating tape is suitable for the pipeline freezing resistance, insulation and decoration. Code 11855 Vinyl Foam Thermal & Sound Insulating Tape, 25mm x 5m, blackCode 11854 Vinyl Foam Thermal & Sound Insulating Tape, 50mm x 5m, blackGenerally, it is used w..
Ex Tax:2.80€
3M Universal Anti-Slip TapeThe Universal self-adhesive anti-slip tape is especially used as a durable slip resistant surface for dry, wet and oily floors within industrial and commercial areas that have intensive pedestrian or light vehicle traffic. The reverse side of the tape is coated with a pres..
Ex Tax:39.40€
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