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Model: 310472
Is used:For the stripping of old layers of antifouling & primers. Yield: Approximately 2 m² / l..
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FINISHING FILLERtwo componentsmooth epoxy filler, for finishing jobs.Can be applied up to 3 mm of film thickness, leaving a very smooth surface without pores. Can be sanded easily and provides a very smooth and uniform surface. Although it has a low absorption rate, it is necessary to seal the ..
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Model: 9902/LEV
The GELCOAT 4 in1 putty is a new two-component system designed not only for professional users but also for do-it-yourself.Its use is extremely easy with a final touch like that of a glossy and shiny varnish. In one easy step the GELCOAT 4 in1 will save you time and money thanks to its propertie..
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Two component,ultra light weight (0,57 kg/l),epoxy solvent free filler compound for high film thickness application. It can be applied up to 30 mm, and fill big areas, without having a big impact in the total weight of the boat. It is very easy to sand, but is more porous and leaves a more irre..
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Model: magicezzy-129
MagicEzy Hairline Fix seals and colors stress cracks… FAST. The structural grade adhesion helps prevent cracks from spreading. Available in 4 colors. Repairs guaranteed for 3 years.  Cure time:DRYING time varies depending on temperature. FAST DRY using a hot hair dryer for 3 minutes ..
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Model: 86780
Speed 1P1 from SOROMAP is a 2-part epoxy fast drying putty for repairs of up to 2 cm thick on polyester and 2 primer components.Speed 1P1 sands easily and can be used below the waterline.Package: 400gr or 1Kg..
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Model: 140952
This FINISHING GEL-COAT is formulated with isophthalic resins; it makes it possible to produce laminate coverings with very good mechanical and thermal properties in a non-aggressive environment.Its small packaging is ideal for touch-ups on small chips.The PARAFFIN FINISHING GEL-COAT has variou..
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Model: 9302/LEV
The composite putty LEVANTE WITH VETRO FIBER is a putty and spatula formulated with a custom high-strength fiberglass, however, for restoring the parts also in plastic; ideal for car repair, wood etc. The product is presented in a very spatial and cartel able manner, rendering it absolutely inso..
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