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Model: N-YC-1.0501.02113.00000
White, metal-free multi-purpose assembly compound. Treated parts can easily be dismantled after years. Specially designed for threaded joints of stainless steel on aluminium mast. Should always be used when different metals are fixed or screwed together. 30 gr tube...
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Model: N-YC-1.0501.01192.00000
Penetrating sealant for bonding and sealing hairline cracks. Uses capillary action to travel into the tiniest of spaces before making a firm, waterproof seal. Ideal for locating and sealing leaks caused by hairline cracks.One part water based acrylic co-polymer penetrating sealant Seals ha..
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Model: N-YC-1.0501.02110.00000
Repairs, glues and fills all kind of surfaces. Specially designed for metal, wood and fiberglass. Fast-curing and steel-filled. Extremely high bond strength. Temperature range: -60°C to 145°C. Resistant against water and chemicals. Double tube 2 x 12 ml...
Ex Tax:22.37€
Model: N-YC-1.0207.02217.00000
Repair set with transparent patches for repairing articles made out of fabric, imitation leather and soft PVC with fabric coating.Content:2 patches Ø 35 mm,1 patch Ø 45 mm,1 patch 70 x 35 mm,1 tube glue 6 g, emery paper, instructions..
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Model: N-YC-1.0501.05282.00000
A repair paste that is ready for use. A putty filled with pure aluminium. A synthetic-resin filler with aluminium. For repairing dents and holes e.g. in cars, boats, caravans, gutters, pipes, heaters, metal tanks and moulded parts. 60 g tube..
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Model: N-YC-1.0501.01771.00000
Rubber- und Neoprene Glue. Vulcanized glue for repairs of rainwear, wet suits, soles, inflatable toys etc. For rubber, PU, PVC, leather and fiberglass. High tensile strength - higher breakable load than the material. Repairs without patches. 15 gr tube...
Ex Tax:20.73€
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