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Model: 71134
It prevents and resolves problems related to the presence of water in fuel (diesel/petrol).• Promotes water fuel emulsion, ensuring smooth and safe engine power,  eliminating the negative effects of water• Protects the fuel system (fuel injection)• Avoids the gradual formation of rust in the fu..
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Model: 71139
Bardahl Diesel Injector Cleaner is easy to use.For any diesel engine.Features & BenefitsThey clean and protect the entire injection system.By restoring the injector spraying flow, they solve problems of acceleration and their unstable tick-over.They restore engine performance and limit fuel over..
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Model: 4103-5 / ZS0092-8M0121-969
Quicksilver Power Tune is an aerosol spray used for cleaning the inside of petrol engines. It is designed to be sprayed through air intake and removes combustion deposits to ensure smooth and efficient running.Use in all 2 and 4 cycle carbureted and all furl injected gasoline engines.Used to re..
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Model: 1724
It is a blend of corrosion inhibiting additives designed to coat engine components during engine storage and reduce the formation of surface rust. It also keeps cylinders lubricated to prevent cylinder or piston damage when starting your engine after storage...
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Model: 4103-01
The product has specifically been developed for all high pressure direct injection diesel engines with common rail or pump injector. This high technology product is designed to meet the exacting standards of latest diesel systems and especially recommended for vehicles with extended service interval..
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Model: 4103-03
DIESEL ANTI BACTERIA 1:1000High Performance Diesel System Care with anti bactericid formula. Diesel Anti Bacteria disinfects the complete diesel system. Destroys bacteria, fungus and algae. It prevents new growth and hinders the blockage of the fuel filter. The Diesel Anti-Bacteria should be ad..
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Model: 4103-04
Diesel Fuel Stabilizer is a high active product to upgrade the usage requirement of all Diesel Fuels which are stored for some time. Diesel Fuel Stabilizer slows down the oxidation- or rather the degradation process of all Diesel fuels.  Before refuel add Diesel Fuel Stabilizer at the rati..
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Model: 4103-09 / ZS0092-8M0079-745
Add Quickstor to fuel before storing your engine to ensure your fuel is ready to go at the start of the next season.Use Quickstor to:Prevent regular and ethanol-blended fuel from breaking down and oxidizingPrevent fuel system corrosionPrevent gum and varnish from forming in the fuel and sett..
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Model: 4103-07 / ZS0092-8M0079-743
QUICKARE FUEL TREATMENTQuickare is a fuel treatment that can be used at every fill‑up to:Maximize engine performance with all grades of gasolineHelp control corrosion, gum and varnish build‑up and phase separation associated with ethanol‑blended fuelHelp control moisture and corrosion problems assoc..
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Model: 4103-08 / ZS0092-8M0079-744
Quicksilver Quickleen should be used throughout the boating season to :Quickly and thoroughly remove carbon deposits from carburetors and injectors, intake valves, spark plugs, piston crowns and cylinder headsPrevent engine knocking and piston seize-upExtend spark plug lifeNote: This product does n..
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