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Model: 90184
An anti-vent loop connection is required when the toilet installation is below the waterline. This prevents water inflow into the interior.The anti-vent loop connection is made of ABS and is available in two different sizes.CodeTitle90184Anti-vent loop connection, 1.9cm,90185Anti-vent loop connectio..
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Model: 195263
CASE FOR TOILET PAPER WITH DOOR 160x160mmNuova Rade high quality Case for Toilet Paper with door are ideal for every sailboat's or yacht's toilet. Available in dimensions of 160x160mm and in white color, this case can cover the needs of boats of any size. It is made of white ASA plastic, in order to..
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Model: 11865
The DSRU is a unit that keeps your toilet bowl clean and free from limescale. The unit should be attached to the pipe, where water flows from the flush pump to the toilet. As water is pumped towards the bowl it sucks a quantity of the disinfectant inhibiting limescale, it also colors ..
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Model: 15.221
With large bowl and deluxe plastic seat and cover.The following spare parts are available :2284-3 : SPARE PART BASE USIT FOR ELECTRIC TOILET FOR CODE 2281 AND 22842284-1 :PIPE JOINTS FOR ELECTRIC TOILET2283: PUMP UNIT 12V FOR ELECTRIC TOILET2284-4 : CONVERSION KIT FOR ELECTRIC TOILET WITH ..
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HEMISPHERICAL WASH HAND INOX BASINS Ø 20cm Depth 15cm & Diameter 30cm
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Model: 4444
HEMISPHERICAL WASH HAND INOX BASINS Ø 20cm Depth 15cm & Diameter 30cm..
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Model: 195258
Nuova Rade high quality Holder for Toilet paper is ideal for installation next to your boat's toilet. Made of UV resistant ASA plastic, it provides resistance to damage and chemical solvents. Available in white color. ..
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Model: 99016
Extremely flexible PVC hose with steel helix designed as sewage pipe for boats WCTemp: -15°C + 60°CTube: white special smooth PVC, good waterproof Reinforcement: steel helixCover: white PVC - most chemicals and weathering resistantSurface: smooth extruded Marking: ink H.T. - ALIMPOMP/..
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Model: 11447
CODE 11451: Mounting Kit-E For Nuova Rade LT-0 & LT-1 WCIncludes references: 28, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38CODE 11447: Toilet maintenance kit LT-0 & LT-1Includes references: 4, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 20, 24, 29Compatible with most toilets with 4 bolt mounting bolts and 95 mm (3 3/4 ") ..
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Model: 99489
99489 Pleasure boat sanitary hose SANIPOMP/EXTRA, Int. diam. 19mm, ext. diam 29mm99490 Pleasure boat sanitary hose SANIPOMP/EXTRA, Int. diam. 25mm, ext. diam 35mm99491 Pleasure boat sanitary hose SANIPOMP/EXTRA, Int. diam. 38mm, ext. diam 48mmExtremely flexible and hardwall rubber hos..
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Model: 1431
Repair kits for manual marine toilet model 29940 , 29941 , 29942 , 29943Including No:16 SEAL17 O RING24 O RING30 INLET VALVE32 VALVE COVER TAPPING SCREW33 BOWL VALVE38 VALVE FLAP40 O RING42 PLUG PACKING43 DRAIN PLUG44 BASE PACKING..
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