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Model: 1649
''Talamex'' Plastic Clinometer Two Scale with Chrome Brass Needle..
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Model: 71183
Barometer ''Tempo'', Diam. 70mm, brass..
Ex Tax:50.00€
Model: 95674
This bi-rola chart protractor turns the tedious task of plotting into child’s play. It virtually eliminates the need for other devices except a pencil. Plotting a course is as simple as laying the protractor along your course line and aligning the compass disk. Laying off courses,bearings, distances..
Ex Tax:31.89€
Model: 71185
Clock Quartz ''Tempo'', Diam. 70mm, brass..
Ex Tax:50.00€
Model: 93973
Multi-purpose Plotting tool, ''Compute-a-course'' is a compact, multi-purpose plotting tool. Ideal for general boating or commercial use. It can be used for position fixing, course plotting and distance measurements with the included scales. Using the log scale on the instructions, time/distance cal..
Ex Tax:59.07€
Model: 1878
Very easy development path. First you need to align the course with the arrow on the ruler. Then you may count the degrees based on the reading of the compass plate. Very preciseDimensions: L36.5cm x W13.5cm..
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Model: 1491
Mainly used to measure distances on the charts but also for various other measurements such as geographical coordinate. L 18 cm..
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Model: 93968
These dividers can be opened and closed with one hand, while performing your chart work. The top curved part of the handle is brass and the tapered sides are bright finished marine alloy. They are believed to be the best marine dividers available...
Ex Tax:46.44€
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