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Model: 2132
Diaphragm self-priming pump suitable for bilge, shower and sink drain, and for transferring fuel. 20 LPM open flow output.With stainless steel plates, plastic and nylon parts. Diaphragm is made of special rubber-coated fabric, resistant to any substances. Shock-resistant. Watertight. Complies with I..
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Model: 1823
Pressure pump with diaphragm. With Permanent magnet. Includes filter and fittings 3/4''male thread,1/2''BSPT hose barb 1/2''elbow hose barb..
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Model: 3830
Jabsco Par-Max 2.9 25PSI Pressure pump 31395-0292(12v) is Jabsco's most popular fresh water self priming pressure pump serving multiple outlets with smooth flow water on demand. This fresh water pump features a three chamber diaphragm design supplying a smooth flow from 0.65 GPM ..
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Model: 3791
Original Jabsco Water Pressure Pump Self-priming up to 10'Dry running capabilityScrew-less diaphragm design eliminates possible leak pathsCorrosion resistantThis conventional pressure switch controlled pump enjoys the same pulsation-free three chamber diaphragm design as our PAR-Max 2.9 and 1.9..
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Model: 3792
Dimensions: LENGTH: 215mm  WIDTH: 125mm  HEIGHT: 105mmΙTEM DESCRIPTION:• The Next Generation SHURflo® pumps guarantee quiet operation and smooth performance while providing the ultimate in durability and reliability.• Designed and built for the harsh marine environment, equi..
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Model: 3122
Premium water pressure pump 12V with capacity 15,1l/min (4,0GPM). For continuous supply of pressurized water on demand. Cut off pressure 2,8 bar (40 psi). Extra heavy duty sealed pressure switch, smooth and pulsation free flow, very quiet operation. Serve up to 5 outlets. For cold or hot water...
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Model: 3794
Shurflo Trailking 7 Automatic Triple Diaphram Pressure System PumpThe SHURflo Aqua King II Junior 4129 series fresh water pump design was created with unique over-moulded single-piece diaphragm and internal bypass, assuring long life and top performance in all plumbing systems.The automatic demand f..
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Model: 3795
FEATURESIgnition protectedSwitches are sealed against water damageDelivery high lift, an run dry without damageWon't overheat with extended useSPECIFICATIONS·        Dimension: 203mm(w) x 136mm(l) x 127mm(h) ·        Flow rat..
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Model: 1821
Diaphragm Pressure pump. Permanent magnet, totally enclosed, non-ventilated..
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Model: 3140
Albin Pump Marine Water Pressure System Pumps for providing pressurized water on demand!For continuous supply of pressurized water on demand. Suitable for both hot and cold water to faucets. Serve up to 3 outlets. Includes filter. ·     Water pressure pump 12V with c..
Ex Tax:109.90€
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