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Model: 4379
LIGHT SOLAR LAMPMade of ABS and stainless steel. It is equipped with super bright LED for low power consumption combined with long life. The solar light is powered by the sun with the use of solar panels made of polycrystalline silicon.2white superbright LedBatteries ΑΑ800mAh Nί-ΜΗ rechargeable..
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Model: 3226
SOLAR CAMPING LANTERN WITH LEDMade of ABS. Suitable for camping and other outdoor activities. Charging ability in four different ways (solar energy, hand charge, power, car cigarette lighter). Available with AC/DC adapter and car plug.BATTERY 4V/1200mAhSOLAR PANEL 5.5V..
Ex Tax:31.95€
Model: 90287
Waterproof solar charge controller, 12/24V with automatic lighting control function and 100% protection against humidit..
Ex Tax:47.90€
Model: 70904
State of the art technology in cell manufacturing and encapsulation results in maximum reliability coupled with minimum maintenance...
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Model: 4006
The warning lights were designed to improve the safety of the ships and boats, by pointing their position especially at night, when there is bad vision. The lithium batteries in the interior can be recharged with solar and wind power as well. When the warning light is on, a light sensor can activate..
Ex Tax:88.00€
Model: SOLARMAX-100W
The efficiency of high-quality and high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon wafers can reach 16.69%,Shingled string welding process, beautiful and neat,The finished product has a thin thickness, lightweight, and good waterproof effect,Lightweight and flexible features can be seamlessly integrated int..
Ex Tax:150.00€
Model: SOLARMAX-150
·         The efficiency of high-quality and high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon wafers can reach 18.81%,·         Shingled string welding process, beautiful and neat,·       &..
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Model: 4403-30A
With 12 / 24V system auto voltage recognition and 3-stage upgraded PWM charging algorithm. The charging parameters can be adjusted automatically and a wide range of loading functions facilitates different load types. It protects against overcharge, overdischarge, overload protection, short-circuit. ..
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Model: M46-92-0324
Features:High efficiency: your batteries are charged quicklyCapacity for solar panel configurations of up to 3600 WpSuitable for AGM, gel, wet and Mastervolt Lithium Ion batteriesFast and flexible setting of battery typeBattery temperature sensor for long lifespanAutomatic 12V and 24V detectionSwitc..
Ex Tax:137.00€
PV Logic 15A Dual Battery MPPT Pro Charge ControllerThe PV Logic MPPT Pro charge controller has been designed to deliver the highest possible power from any 12v or 24v solar panel into a 12v battery. MPPT (multi power point tracking) technology increases solar yield by up to 20% over a standard PWM ..
Ex Tax:136.40€
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