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Model: 90184
An anti-vent loop connection is required when the toilet installation is below the waterline. This prevents water inflow into the interior.The anti-vent loop connection is made of ABS and is available in two different sizes.CodeTitle90184Anti-vent loop connection, 1.9cm,90185Anti-vent loop connectio..
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Model: 70979
CodeTitle70979Ball Valve 1 1/4'', PVC70980Ball Valve 1 1/2'', PVC90373Ball valve 1/2'', PVC90374Ball valve 3/4'', PVC90375Ball valve 1'', PVC..
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Model: 198085
CodeTitleABCDEFGWeight198084Ball Valve 1 1/2'', Single Union, BSPP, Plastic, Orange96871031 ½”3174136580 g198085Ball Valve 2'', Single Union, BSPP, Plastic, Orange1161011202''38921681030 g198112Ball Valve 1'', Single Union, BSPP, Plastic, Orange6813801''2258102250 g..
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Model: 2376
Sold already mounted and ready for installation. Compatible with all manual and electric WC.Equipped with:electric soaker1” 1/2 3/4” loading female threads3/4” vent female threads1” 1/2 manual emergency drain female threadshousing for fastening hooks 52.195.00shut-off valve for soaker drainage in ca..
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Model: 196875
CodeTitleTypeCapacityLengthWidthHeightH1SLSWSHØAα AngleModel196867BLIZZARD Tank Waste Water 40lt BaseBase Tank40lt545mm400mm270mm-350mm200mm80mm133.5mm120°-196868BLIZZARD Tank Waste Water 60lt BaseBase Tank60lt775mm400mm270mm-350mm200mm80mm133.5mm120°-196869BLIZZARD Tank Waste Water 80lt BaseBase Ta..
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Model: 196887
BORA line of horizontal fresh water tanks is made of high-density polyethylene material, in white colour. Polyethylene material is used to prevent any taste alteration of fresh water. The line consists of a full-size range of 40L, 60L, 80L and 100L, complying with international standards and is used..
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