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Model: 43066
CodeTitleDescription43066Clevis Fork for Bimini Tops Socket 43107, WhiteWhite clevis fork for base 4310743067Clevis Fork for Bimini Tops Socket 43108, BlackBlack clevis fork for base 43108..
Ex Tax:2.27€
Model: 28112
CodeTitleColourLengthHeight28112Hook f/Infl. Boat Cover, 40x40mm, Ø6mm Rope, BlackBlack40mm40mm44015Hook f/Infl. Boat Cover, 40x40mm, Ø6mm Rope, WhiteWhite40mm40mm44016Hook f/Infl. Boat Cover, 40x40mm, Ø6mm Rope, GreyGrey40mm40mm..
Ex Tax:0.34€
Model: 197207
CodeTitleColourØAØBØCØD197207Oarlock, Ø53mm, Polyamide, WhiteWhite40mm53mm55mm17mm197208Oarlock, Ø57mm, Polyamide, WhiteWhite40mm57mm55mm17mm44681Oarlock, Ø53mm, Polyamide, BlackBlack40mm53mm55mm17mm44682Oarlock, Ø57mm, Polyamide, BlackBlack40mm57mm55mm17mm..
Ex Tax:1.84€
Model: 16702
CodeTitleDiameter16702Plastic Support Clip, Ø16mm, Black16mm16703Plastic Support Clip, Ø25mm, Black25mm16704Plastic Support Clip, Ø30mm, Black30mm16705Plastic Support Clip, Ø19mm, Black19mm16707Plastic Support Clip, Ø50mm, Black50mm..
Ex Tax:0.64€
Model: 50530
For flat surface mountingScrews are not included in the packageHolder free inner Ø 38 mm (can fit equipment with Ø up to 47 mm)Lifebuoy Lights 196482 (STELLA) & 70030 can be fitted..
Ex Tax:0.66€
Model: 4965
Stainless steel 316 mooring hook, with telescopic pole 122cm made of eloxal aluminum and UV stabilized polyrethane grips, high durability materials, unique design, quick and easy mooring even in bad weather conditions, with automatic mechanism for passing the rope through and around severa..
Ex Tax:107.20€
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